Let Me Help You Save Hours Every Day by Automating Repetitive Stuff


Do we really have to spend so much time on boring, repetitive stuff?

Computers were created so that they can do over our work. Unfortunately, they are not that smart.

I will teach you how to make things automated by using simple tools and scripts. You can just copy paste things, or learn in depth to truly master the craft!

- Upendra

Learn to Code Word Macros - Beginner to Advanced

Even though there are many things that you can do without writing single writing of code, writing or even editing the code presents a whole new world of possibilities.

In this course, you will learn everything about Programming MS Word Macros, that will take you from Beginner to Advanced.

Record and Use Macros without writing any code

It is true! You dont need to write code for useful Macros. You can record and run Macros if Coding is not what you want to do.

Here is a Quick Tutorial For You

This tutorial explains how to add Transpose tables in word (Convert rows to column). This way, the transpose functionality will always be just one click away!

If you want a quick guide instead, click the button below

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